Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival


03 Jun 2017 Orangeville Free


Time : 7:00pm
Venue : The Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival

Location: TD Canada Trust, 89 Broadway, Orangeville

All ages FREE SHOW!!
Andi is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Toronto who plays with an energetic and dynamic 9-piece band. Her musical style draws from many different genres; often blending modern sounds of pop, electronic, alternative, and rock influences with elements of RnB, jazz, and soul. This eclectic mix makes for energetic, diverse soundscapes and catchy choruses that hit with a wall of sound. Often referring to her music under a broader term such as progressive or alternative pop, Andi refuses to put a label on her sound and is open to an evolving sense of musical identity and collaboration. Andi has been nominated as one of the top 4 independent artists nation-wide by CBC’s Searchlight Competition. She also has performed with legendary Canadian producer, David Foster.