Andi with ART The Band, Aniqa Dear, SLY WHY

30 Mar 2017 Toronto


Time : 8:00
Venue : Rivoli

The Rivoli brings you a steamy alternative lineup that will make you weep and dance and scream. Come and freak out.

Tickets are $10 at the door.


9:00 – SLY WHY: Kid
With 6 online releases since 2013, Sly Why: Kid is a venture always pushing into different musical territories of irregularly swung percussion and vibrating synthesizers.

9:45 – Aniqa Dear
Ethereal textures, groovy rhythms, gnarly synths.
Atmospheric. Rhythmic. Electrical. Propulsive. Worldy. Melodic.
Aniqa sings on top.

10:30 – Andi
Andi is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Toronto. Her musical style draws from many different genres; often blending modern sounds of pop, electronic, alternative, and rock influences with elements of RnB, jazz, and soul. This eclectic mix makes for energetic, diverse soundscapes and catchy choruses that hit with a wall of sound.

11:45 – ART the Band
ART the Band is a dynamic 5 piece collective from Toronto, operating on the fringes of both traditional jazz and neo-soul, via significant math rock, experimental, and hip-hop influences. With their broadly based but unified concept, ART the Band creates instrumental music that is both widely accessible, and intellectually stimulating.