Did an interview / photoshoot with photographer Alex Malinay for his EXPOSURE Project. All photos shot on film cameras.

Excerpt from interview:

Its helped me a lot. I’m not exactly a person who has to write about everything that happens to me so if something bad happens, I don’t have to write to get it out of my system, but I certainly do that sometimes.
There has been certain things like regret or pain from relationships or joy from that or certain frustrations of the world or wanting to share my experience from my view as a woman, as a bisexual woman.
Those experiences are separate and different in a way and being able to finally express frustration or joy in that difference is amazing. I only get to do that through music in a genuine way cause I don’t feel comfortable always telling other people shit about myself but if its in song, I’m like, “I spent hours on this, this is my art, this is what I stand by and anyone can hear it.” It doesn’t matter how out there it is or if it’s about pain or sexuality, I’m ok with it, if its in song cause I’m proud of this. I can stand by this. I poured hours into it.

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