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Meet Andi – Toronto based singer-songwriter who is not afraid to stand out of the crowd. Her musical style draws from many different genres; often blending modern sounds of pop, electronic, alternative, and rock influences with elements of RnB, jazz, and soul.

With the world of social media, we are constantly inundated with new bands and artists. In a result of this, it can be hard to “stand out”. But often, what makes us unique we shy away from!

WiMN: What advice would you give to an artist who may be shy to (truly) be themselves?

Andi: I don’t believe there is any such thing as unique branding persay, but rather distinctive branding. Different styles and visuals can be more or less accessible, and can follow trends that take turns in the mainstream spotlight. When I focus on branding and image, I’m not looking for something with the motive that it be unique, or that it will specifically set myself apart from others. I am looking to put out a genuine representation of myself and my vision. To me this includes being honest about what I stand for, being
the one who makes decisions on the details of my image, and the hardest of all, not censoring myself and my art to make others comfortable. Good music and powerful art (that the audience will remember) comes from a genuine, committed mindset.

WiMN: What can we expect from #Andi within the next couple of months?

I’ve been performing these re-imagined arrangements from my EP “Sketches” all over Toronto. My next gig is on October 21st at The Garrison with Reign of Kindo, a band I’m really excited to be playing with. Also, I’ve recently expanded my live band to include 3 background vocalists, which makes my act as big as 9 people! I’m pretty stoked about that because we can produce these massive and intricate soundscapes together. I feel so lucky and honored to be able to play with these insanely talented musicians who lend so much to the project! Other than that I am working very hard on creating content for my next project, which is under wraps right now. I wish I could share more, it’s going to be a big step for me musically!

Discover more about Andi and her musical journey here: http://andimusic.com/

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